Friday, 13 February 2015

What I love about Gabriel


My favourite word.  My favourite emotion.  My favourite delight.

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So many different forms of love to relish in and to offer.  And although tomorrow is earmarked for lovers across the world, I am going to use it to celebrate something a little different.  I am going to use it to celebrate what I love about Gabriel.

And what do I love about Gabriel?

I love his smile.  I love how, when he smiles, his whole being smiles.  It is like watching a glorious sunrise.

I love how, when he is sad and the tears flow, he can find solace in my arms.

I love how he will, sneakily, plop a small car into the fish tank and wait for me to spot it.  And when I do, and I say his name in a soft, low, monotone, he runs away, giggling.

And, oh, how I love his giggle!  I swear, it must be the highest vibration of love that the Big Man above bestowed upon him.

I love how he walks past me and will, casually, run his hand along my arm, leaving me drowning in a pool of bliss.

I love how brave he is in a world that assaults his senses.

I love how he never gives up.

I love his mischievousness.

I love his stubbornness.

I love how he teaches me.  Every day and in every way.

I love how he brings out the warrior in me.

I love how he has taught me how to play again.

I love how he will stand and lock his eyes with mine, making me feel beautifully bare.

I love how he effects people.  How his mere presence in a room, has a profound, lingering effect on them.

I love how he shows me the world from a completely different perspective.

I love how unconditionally, intensely and purely he loves me.

I love how he has taught me what real, unwavering love is.

And finally, to end off, I will tell you what I tell Gabriel every night, as he is drifting off into a world, often kinder than ours:

"I love you, Gabriel.  More than the sun, and the moon and all the stars in the sky.  Always.  And forever."