Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Day Gabriel Told Me He Loves Me

Gabriel surprises me, every day.

Make no mistake, this is not because I undervalue my son's remarkable abilities, but because I never know when certain occurrences will happen (bye-bye milestone charts).

And, boy, when they happen, they are deliciously glorious!

As most of you know, Gabriel is classified as non-verbal (although his daddy and I prefer the term "pre-verbal").  This means, although he repeats words, some clear and some not, there is no actual, fluent, contextual, exchange of conversation - well, not that we can always decipher.

But today Gabriel surprised me.  Big. Time.

As I do each morning, I leaned down, hugged my champion and said "I love you" as I was heading off to work. 

Immediately he responded, "luf yoo oo" (love you too).

Yup, you read correctly - my son told me, for the 1st time ever, as clear as day, that he loves me too.

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I shrieked, "thank you my boy!"  

A smile, bigger then I have ever seen, emerged on Gabriel's face.  He probably thought, 'finally, my old lady understands!' ;)

How did it make me feel?  After waiting 5 years to hear those words I felt like 
I'd won the lotto, while covered in puppies, watching the emotional rollercoaster movie, What Dreams May Come!  

In other words, the best feeling in the world - EVER!