Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Happy 5th Birthday, Gabriel!

Happy 5th Birthday to our most precious little angel!

Gabriel's Nanna wrote a very special poem (she has a great talent for that) that really says it all:

I want to take this chance to say
A very, very happy 5th birthday.
We waited so many long years for you
So with great excitement we heard the news true.
A special much loved baby was on the way
And this I can tell you just made our day

When you arrived you brought such joy
For you’re such a special, happy boy.
Your Mom and Dad are the ones who know
How often you kept them right on their toes.
Up at night ‘cause of the “cholic curse”
But it soon passed as Mom’s a good nurse.

G-Nanny and G-Mary Poppins all played a part
In giving you such a wonderful start.
From watching you daily and keeping you safe
To counting and colouring and building with haste.
So now you are able to go to school
And they are teaching you with wonderful tools.

And so, my angel, I want you to know
Although we’re not with you we love you so.
Your beautiful eyes and happy little face
No other can ever take your place
We’ll all share your birthday together with you
May your year ahead hold good things for you.
And when you think we are far apart
Remember, Gabriel you’re right in our hearts.