Monday, 21 November 2016

A Letter to Gabriel

My most beloved, Gabriel

Today I feel moved to write to you, so this blog posting is especially for you.

You are the bravest, most wonderful, brilliant human being I have ever been blessed to meet.

You have taught me more about myself, about life, than in all my 34 years before you arrived.

This world is very loud and scary at times, yet your hunger to experience life transforms you into a warrior, a champion.  This makes your Daddy and I more proud than we can ever find the words to express.  Because we know how hard that must be for you.

I cannot even begin to imagine how you experience and feel about the world but I hope you will be able to tell us one day.  Or write or type it.  I so badly want to know how you feel about things, how you see things, how you experience things.  I want to know what it is you want.  For breakfast, to play with, for your life.

I know, though, there are times you are immensely frustrated because we don't always understand.  That you try so hard to make your mouth, your body, do what you want it to, only to have it perform differently.  When this happens, please, please, don't loose hope. Keep trying.  And be very patient. The greatest self-achievements come from the hardest work.

I know you must feel very lonely, at times.  

I know you must feel very sad, at times.

I know you must feel very angry, at times, too.

The world isn't fair, my angel.  We cannot always control what happens to us or how people treat us.  But what we can try to control, is how we react to this.  We can choose to react with love. Easier said than done, I know (trust me on this), but try anyway.

Try to be kind.

Try to be tolerant.

Try to be compassionate, even when there are those around you who aren't.

And never forget;  there are alot of people who are wonderful and filled with love.  And that the world is full of unique, different people.  Because being different is what makes life so special.  It is how we learn from one another.  Different is beautiful.  Always remember that. Some people will laugh at your differences - be different anyway.   

I need you to know that you are a beacon of light.  You radiate love.  You are love. And you are loved.  Oh, are you loved! 

More than the sun, the moon and all the stars in the sky.  



No matter what.

With all my love, always