Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Something Magical Happened

The thing about having a child on the Spectrum is you almost never know what to expect.  For some reason, they weren’t born with a manual either ;).

Because their development in this world is quite different, one cannot predict when they will crawl, walk, talk etc.  So when they do, it’s like Santa Claus came to visit early!

On the evening of the 7th August 2014 something truly magical happened.

Gabriel’s daddy (let’s call him G-Dad from now on) bent down to kiss Gabriel goodnight on the cheek.  Every night, it is the same routine.  G-Dad bends down, says “kiss Daddy goodnight” and he then proceeds to kiss each of Gabriel’s cheeks.  Gabriel then toddles off to bed.

This night was different.  G-Dad bent down, said, “kiss Daddy goodnight”. Gabriel looked up at him, puckered his lips and gave his Daddy his very first kiss!

Now to many of you, this might not seem like a phenomenal event.  Let me explain why it is.

It has taken Gabriel 4 years, 1 month, 3 weeks and one day to give his very first kiss.  Ever. 

Naturally, I jumped in and said, “Can Mommy have a kiss too please?”

Lips puckered up and smooch.

Best kiss ever!

Photo credit : http://www.redbookmag.com/cm/redbook/images/VT/rbk-12-bondingkids-kiss-lgn.jpg


  1. I love this!!!...I take it for granted that my boy will respond to what i ask, with a little bit of bribery to get that kiss and hug i need. This is so special Mel... keep us posted.

  2. How totally beautiful. I can only imagine just how special these first kisses are. So many of us just take it for granted that we can have a kiss.

    1. Thanks mommyinwaiting. Yes, we often overlook the little things.

  3. Lovely Melanie and keith, I really admire all the dedication you two are putting into this little man. Love Janet