Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Looking For Some Healing

Photo source : http://www.prweb.com/releases/EnergyHealing/ShamanicTraining/prweb10051067.htm

For many children (and their parents) on the Spectrum one of the hardest and most challenging issues to deal with is self-injury.  

Some children bite themselves, some hit themselves, some claw at their own skin until they bleed. 

Gabriel's number 1 choice of poison is head banging.

If he is happy, sad, angry, hungry, tired, in pain or other reasons we don't yet know of, he will search out a wall or floor (or anything with a hard surface), position himself and start to bang his head. Slowly, at first but gaining momentum and intensity very rapidly.  And I can see on Gabriel's face, he cannot always control it and it is very painful for him.

Nevertheless, it drives G-Dad and myself stark-raving, shit-dilly, wishing-we-could-reach-for-the-vodka, certifiably bonkers!  

It's not just the sound or the vibrations through the freaking walls but the great concern of what potential damage he could be doing to his head - and brain.

At a recent workshop I attended, hosted by the AWC, the speaker said that they have seen many kids who head bang that go on to develop epilepsy later on.  I can understand why. Which is why I want to request an EEG be done when we visit Gabriel's paediatric neurologist in January - just to rule out that nothing sinister is causing him to bang his head.

I don't want to change Gabriel.  But I do want to heal the areas that get in his way of leading a happy, healthy life.  

I equate it to someone who has migraines.  If they are given an option to help heal them of their migraines, wouldn't they take it?

If anyone who is reading this has had the same experience and found methods to help - conventional or unconventional - we would be more than happy to hear from you.

Until then, we keep the fires of Hope burning.


  1. If I could have anything, I would surround my oldest daughter who has high-functioning autism with a bubble of understanding so that people come within this bubble would give her a break and a little understanding.

    For my son, who has a more classic autism I would want him to be able to communicate. I just want to know what he wants and needs so that I can make his life easier.

    I love the people that they are, I love their personalities. I just wish I could make their life easier.

    1. I understand, completely, where you are coming from TC. This life is tough enough to navigate through, but even harder for our kiddies with their extra challenges. Xxx