Friday, 14 November 2014

When Hope Invades Our Dreams

A few days ago, Gabriel's old school held their annual Christmas concert.

I couldn't wait to see any photos and videos of the event on fellow parents' Facebook pages, and I wasn't disappointed.  It was wonderful to see all the kiddies dressed up in their costumes, partaking and having fun!


There was a twinge of sadness.  


Because Gabriel wasn't there.

The feeling soon subsided and I didn't think about it again.  Or so I thought.

Last night, my subconscious decided to get involved.  

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I dreamt that Gabriel was back at his old school, sitting on the floor next to the other children.  They were all sitting in a circle, practising the songs for their Christmas concert.  

Gabriel wasn't singing and I have, so far, never dreamt of him talking.  But something extraordinary did happen.  He looked at the little boy sitting next to him and passed his toy car to him to play with.  The little boy looked back at him and took the car, smiling.  Gabriel then looked at his fellow classmate's hand and touched it with his own hand.  They then looked at each other and smiled.  He was connecting!  

It was hard to wake up and have this fresh recollection in my memory.  It's bad enough when the conscious mind longs for something but not fair when the subconscious gets involved ;).

Some might say it is a selfish longing, but I know how great it is to connect with another person.  

I want Gabriel to experience it too.


  1. It is the 25th anniversary of Gabriel's great granny's passing today. Maybe, just maybe she is allowing you to have a glimpse of what could be just around the corner. What a wonderful day that would be. lots of love Mom

  2. hi Mel, how strange is this, that we (sigrun and myself) was sitting next to one another and saying - Gabriel is not here, we miss him. Im getting goosies right now, and please know that you are not forgotten and that we love you all very very much. I am praying for a dream like this to come true...