Monday, 3 August 2015

The Birth of a Beast

About two months ago, Gabriel headed off to school for another fun-filled day with G-Mary Poppins.  The garden service were there that day, as per usual.

However, this particular day, Gabriel became hysterical.  He was overcome by fear, shaking, saying our names as well as the word, "careful" over and over. G-Mary Poppins managed to calm him down and, soon after, brought him back home.

On this day, a beast was born - Anxiety.

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Since then, Gabriel has been plagued by anxiety.  He is on, constant, high alert to certain sounds - cars, trucks, motorbikes, lawnmowers.  If he hears a truck riding up our back street, he starts to panic. If a car parks in front of our house, he melts into a full blown anxiety attack.

He was even on medication for four weeks, after 3 different doctor consultations, because he was constantly clearing his throat (we thought it was a sinus/throat issue) - it appears to be a tic that he has developed, complements of the Beast.

After a 4 week break, we attempted to take Gabriel to school again, knowing the garden service would not be there that day.

Big mistake!

It ignited a full-blown anxiety attack as soon as Gabriel realised where he was heading. Upon arriving at the school, G-Mary Poppins met us at the gate and took him back home, immediately.

He retreats to his bedroom now, coming out to join us only in the early evenings (when it is quieter and darker).

He refuses to even play in our garden anymore, or to jump on his beloved trampoline.

It is heartbreaking to see Gabriel engaged in this war with the Beast and horrible to feel so powerless in helping him!

Every day is now a momentous challenge for him.

We are encouraging him to venture out, taking him on short outings and getting him more active (he loves swimming at the gym).  We have also made the very difficult decision to return Gabriel to homeschooling.

We will help Gabriel to conquer this Beast, in a, hopefully, non-chemical way.

We know it will be a long road, but we will do it.

Wish us luck!